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Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Ethiopia | TID: 18535621
1 Procurement of Head Set.
Due on 28-Jul-2016  |  26 Days to go
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Cement | Ethiopia | TID: 18232496
2 Supply of weighing bridge controller.
Due on 08-Jul-2016  |  6 Days to go
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Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Ethiopia | TID: 18313003
3 Procurement of Integrated Wall Mounted Monitoring LED Screen for SMC.
Due on 07-Jul-2016  |  5 Days to go
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Education And Research Institute | Ethiopia | TID: 18314294
4 Procurement of 1,500 Units of 42 Plasma Display Panel (Televisions) &/ or LED TV for Secondary schools.
Due on 15-Jul-2016  |  13 Days to go
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Sugar | Ethiopia | TID: 18359996
5 Supply of TB gear box, TA Turbine gear box casing, Exhaust steam auto valve, crystallizer slide cylinder, Power Plus tractor spares, New Holland tractor spares, Sonalika Tractors Spare parts, Sami tractor spares, Iron sulphate Sprayer spares, Gaspardo Hopper spares, Mobile welding machine, MF unit planter spares, Ransom & MF disc Plough spares, sprayer mixer spares, DC battery with automatic battery charger, vacuum plant SCADA & weigh bridge, PH & speed measurements, various instrumental materials, water Meter and Sulphur Burner, Boiler Yarway liquid level indicator spares, Starter for slip ring motor, Industrial Thermometer, Amplifier, Carbon Brush, Potentiometer, Checking Instrument, Simon scale weight spares, Spare parts for Air Compressor, For TA mill Auto Cane Feeding System, Valves & Regulators, Diodes & capacitor, Refrigerant leakage detector, Evaporation level control valve, Remote liquid level indicator, Pneumatic discharge cylinder, UPS, tools & cable, PH meter, Electrical parts, Various water pumps spares, irrigation pump centrifugal pump, hydraulic Hilo crane oil pump, Vinasse recirculation pump complete with motor, boiler feed water pump spares, Mill roller, Various valves, Boiler valves, condenser tubes, TB vibrating sieve, Boiler Cleaning Tools, lath machine, TB roughening cane cutter, railway spares, Steam turbine T-38 spares, conveyor spares, sugar crystallizer drive, special paints, Mechanical Spares, Fermented air blower, Spare for Diamond soot blower, Valve with spindle & filter, Spare for Drum Internals, ID & FD Fan Spares, air blower, protective devices, Varigra for Spares, Carrier elevator, Main diffuser spares, Sugar transporting cart, Mill roller spares, various types spares.
Due on 05-Jul-2016  |  3 Days to go
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Sugar | Ethiopia | TID: 18409370
6 Supply of instrument, transparent sheet, RO preservative chemical, impeller, GRP pipe & pole, feno- flux tyres, roller, bearing, pump, parts for centrifugal machine, Super heated wash water pump, Laboratory analysis material, Piston ring, Electrical material, Spare parts for factory, Endless belt, Perforated screen, High tensile bolt with Nylock Nut, Compression spring, Cooler pipe, Chopper & leveler cane knife.
Due on 12-Jul-2016  |  10 Days to go
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Recreational Services | Ethiopia | TID: 18457776
7 Supply of various Multimedia Materials.
Due on 12-Jul-2016  |  10 Days to go
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Water Storage and Supply | Ethiopia | TID: 18544567
8 Supply of submersible pumps, electrical control panels, submersible power cables, electrode cables, electrode sensors, vulcanizing kits, cable clamp, pt 100 sensor with its relay & cable.
Due on 02-Aug-2016  |  31 Days to go
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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Ethiopia | TID: 18568430
9 Supply of single shaft uPVC shredder, heavy duty granulator (crusher) machines & spare parts for uPVC scrap recycling system.
Due on 03-Aug-2016  |  32 Days to go
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Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings | Ethiopia | TID: 18633218
10 Procurement and installation of Automated Teller Machines, Through-the-wall type local cash dispensing ATMs, Lobby type local cash dispensing ATMs.
Due on 16-Jul-2016  |  14 Days to go
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